Success in this world is measured with new units namely popularity, technology and the competition one offers. In this rat race, anyone who is off his or her game will fall behind. You are your biggest competition and this is what will take you forward. You need to bring out a new fresh idea at all times. It takes a lot to be at the top of your game and a lot that needs to be given up. But all of it depends on your priorities and your perspective. If you take what you are giving up as a gain, know you are on the right track. In order to be the next competition, start now.
The key to being the next competition is defeating the old you every day. You have to learn how to be a better person than you were the day before. Push yourself endlessly to reach heights you aim to be at. Every day, look back at what you have achieved and what is left on the list. It is not about winning the race, it is about giving your level best. Making the right choice and at the right times polishes your decision-making skills. There will be many options and choices being offered to you regularly, but the selection process by opting for the one that weight the most will help you strengthen your game. You can only give competition to the existing entity when you offer something more or better. Remember how once Blackberry was ‘the’ phone of its time? It was the phone that represented the business executives but had its downfall as the iPhone entered the market with a completely different persona. iPhone offered a new operating system known as the iOS. It was faster and offered new features, making the life of a smartphone user, be it a business person or a common user, very friendly. This no button smartphone entered with a boom and took over most of the market share. Had blackberry known what was to hit them they might have started earlier. To be the next competition, be an iPhone. Remember to stand out. To have an identity. To be defined by your self and your capabilities.
It is alright to fail and fall back on some steps. Your mistakes do show who you are. Do not confuse them as a halt but as a living proof that you are trying. The only mistake you might make is when you stop trying and start defending the fault. Do take criticism and stay competitive. Keep reminding yourself that you have what it takes. Your mistakes will show you theoretically and practically what you should not do. Keep learning and keep moving forward. Where you start is not what defines you but, where you end. The road in between is what is going to show how willing you were to get there and the engine you would need is motivation. We can not possibly be competitive at something if we do not know what we are aiming for. By staying competitive; However, we set for ourselves new targets or goals we want to achieve and do things that will cause us to achieve faster progress. It generates more clarity and directs to the right course.
To be the next big firm, personnel or company that offers the competition be sure to choose your wars wisely. You will have to train yourself to set for yourself a long term or short-term goals. There are some situations where you need a short-term solution, while in others a long term is necessary. However, when aiming to be the next competition in the market, the overall goal has to be long term in order to produce lasting results. Being competitive will inspire greater creativity within you as well as will give rise to the ability to be more self-reflective.
Being competitive has a repulsive and unpleasant connotation in our society. When someone is labelled as competitive it has become, in some manner, associated with envy, narcissism, and materialism. However, whenever one feels competitive, it is not always about climbing the ladder, winning the race or getting ahead. Competitive feelings are completely natural.
Moreover, they are certain. It’s imperative to get settled with our focused sentiments. We can do this by perceiving that thoughts and emotions are independent of our actions. We can enable ourselves to feel whatever we feel, at that point pick how we act. By applying this standard to our competitive emotions, we can maintain a strategic distance from their many negative indications.
Our audience loves a change. Read it again. They love a change; therefore, they will choose you when you offer something new and will choose when someone else offers an advancement. You have to be innovative and stay innovative. Keep being a better version of yourself to ensure when you are the next competition, you remain the competition. Offer flexibility and stay open to ideas. You never know what might inspire you.

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